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Nicole Lambert
Member since: 9/26/2011
Gender: Female
Description: Nicole Lambert, also known as suspensewriter105, is the teenage author of the Threatening Souls series, the Days Gone By series, The Nameless series, the Incarcerated series, the Death series, The Collection series, and is co-writing the Lurid Intentions series with a friend. Besides writing, she also sings, acts (mostly improvising in short films that her friends put together), and plays the viola. She is a singer and a violist in the alternative rock band known as Surreal Disorder. She speaks English, French, and she is currently learning Russian. She currently lives in Cave Creek, Arizona with her father: Allan; her mother: Karen; her brother: Ryan; her six dogs: Alexei, Yuri, Sonny, Simone, Natasha, and Mishka; her three cats: Teddy, Misty, and Roswell; and her eight birds: Tequila, Cona, Corona, Tia, Kiwi, Mango, Rio, and Elvis. Ever since she was eight years old, Nicole Lambert has loved to write, and even before then she has been told of how great of a writer she is. She's always dreamed of becoming a published author, jotting down many novel ideas, most of which will never be published. During her sixth grade year, she had started many novel ideas and abandoned all of them. It wasn't until the summer before her seventh grade year, at the beginning of July of 2009, when she came up with the idea for her first "Threatening Souls" novel (originally titled "Sacrifices: The Curse of Roseway"). That novel took her approximately one year to write, ending on May of 2010. Immediately after finishing "Threatening Souls," Nicole started writing the second book in the series, "Bleeding Misery" (originally titled "Sacrfices: The International Clique Wars"), which she had finished in May of 2012. After slaving away at both novels, she finally published both of them on Smashwords at the age of fifteen ("Threatening Souls" at the end of July 2012; "Bleeding Misery" at the beginning of August 2012). She is currently working on the third novel in the series, "Twisted Ignorance," which she is planning on finishing in November of 2012. To learn more about this author, visit her site at
Interests: I like writing, singing, playing the viola, and acting (improv). I am currently in the Honors Choir at my school.
Hobbies: Movies, Music, Writing
Recommended Books: Wicked series, Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Vampire Academy series, The Nine Lives of Chloe King series.
Litereary Preferences: Fantasy